Wednesday, August 24, 2011

IBU = Woz * U% * A% * 7489 / Vgal / Cgrav




Beeradvocate score = B+

RateBeer score = 98

How do I convince you to come in and buy this beer? It should be enough, if I just tell you that it is Mikkeller? Or, I could tell you that one of our friends of the store bought 3-4 a week till it was all gone last year. To me that says a lot, if someone loves something that much, I just got to try it.

Milleller are always pushing the envelope, and this beer is no exception. They have nailed a perfect hop bomb on this on. This beer has such a great appearance, I love the way it pours out of the bottle. The color is copper orange, and so opaque that you almost can't see the snow storm of sediment that is waiting to tickle your taste buds. The aroma is almost exclusively of hops, and who can complain about that? The second to best thing about this beer is the amazing taste. How on earth did they manage to get the bitterness from the hops and the sweetness from such a high abv to mix together in harmony? The taste is of grapefruit up front then subtle pine resin, and maybe a little anise. Oh yea and hops…ha ha. But, now to the best thing. The lacing on the glass is brilliant. I usually don't pay attention to this; in fact I usually ask myself when reading reviews just why others care so much. I drank part of this beer, than left to run a quick errand for my wife. When I came back, eager to finish my beer, I was amazed to see the foam was still stuck to the side of the glass.

Final note: This beer is truly a must have, and a seasonal. I know that I may be a little pricey for the size, but once you drink it you will know that it is worth it. So come buy and pick one up, before they are all gone. We will be doing beer tasting from 5-8 tonight, so that will be the perfect time to drop in.

Cody DeHart

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