Friday, May 17, 2013


Pour - dark orange with some red and brown highlights thrown in. The inch or so of foam is starting to leave some streaks of lacing inside the glass. This looks slightly hazy and a little ominous...I like where this is headed.

Aroma - a big blast of tropical fruits, grapefruit and a pineapple hit me right between the eyes. As soon as I get near this glass it's like someone is shoving my face in a bag of hops.

Taste - chewy, resiny with plenty of hop bitterness hitting the tip of the tongue and balanced very nicely by lots of tropical fruit sweetness. It has some astringency from all those little green fellas. Not overly cloying and certainly not too hoppy. It leaves my tongue coated with alpha acids (well, probably not literally) and give me a nice warm feeling inside - like I want to go hug a big hop-shaped pillow.

Overall - Want a big IBU-laden and hops-infested IPA? Here ya go! Hop Slayer should provide what many-a-hophead craves - that being lots of hop bitterness with a malty backbone to keep everything in check. You don't want those little green bastards getting out of control and ruining things for your palate. It's nice to be able to say that I love the label on this can and definitely enjoyed what graced the inside of it as well.

Monday, August 29, 2011

So many hops so little time

My Mikkeller Rainbow
Theses beers are a part of the Single Hop IPA series by Mikkeller.
Mikkeller says
"We created this series to showcase hop varieties on their own. This gives the consumer the possibility of smelling and tasting the unique characteristics of each variety and hopefully helping to educate people about the wonderful world of hops. For each beer, the single hop variety was used in the same weight for bittering, aroma and flavor and for dry hopping. All 19 varieties of single hop beers in this series were brewed the same week and with malts from the same batches and the same yeast and fermentation temperatures. This is done to better compare the characteristics of the different hop varieties."

The Following is a list of the available varietys at Gomers: $4.99

Mt Hood               Nugget             Galena

Super Galena       Sorachi Ace    Amarillo

Bravo                    Citra                Challenger

Cascade                Centennial      Columbus

Cluster                 Palisade           Simcode

Tettnanger           Warrior          Willamette


Mikkeller 10 – This is the IPA Brewed with the orginal 10.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Tumble, Tumble, Tumble


Autumn Brown Ale
By Sierra Nevada

Beeradvocate Score = B+

RateBeer Score = 92

The seasons are changing, and so are the beer selections. It is easy to miss out on some of the seasonals to land on the shelves at this time of year, especially since this beer season seams to arrive so early. Oktoberfest in August, pumpkin beers at the peak of summer, and fall beers just a couple weeks after that. It is natural to want to hold onto summer and the great lemon, raspberry, and wheat beers that are so refreshing. Do Not Do This, and I'll tell you why. Sierra Nevada Tumbler Autumn Brown Ale, that is why.

There is just something awesome about a beer, when it is done just right, like Sierra Nevada Tumbler Autumn Brown Ale. There is also something that makes such a balanced classic brown ale very hard to describe. I know that when writing reviews I describe beers as balanced a lot, but that is because I pick beers to review that I like, and I like balanced beers. That is probably the most important thing for me. Other than being balanced, Sierra Nevada Tumbler Autumn Brown Ale is dark in color and musty in smell. This beer has a very nice feel in the mouth with a good hop to malt ratio. After having a couple and sharing them with a few friends the only real distinct description that we could come up with was nutty. I was told by my good friend, that Sierra Nevada Tumbler Autumn Brown Ale is "like god ground up autumn and put it in a bottle". And, he is correct. After drinking this beer you feel all warm inside and after seeing the leaves on the box and picture on the bottle, you just think ahhhh…. Autumn.

Final words: Drink Sierra Nevada Tumbler Autumn Brown Ale, or stick your finger in this! Your choice.

Cody DeHart

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

IBU = Woz * U% * A% * 7489 / Vgal / Cgrav




Beeradvocate score = B+

RateBeer score = 98

How do I convince you to come in and buy this beer? It should be enough, if I just tell you that it is Mikkeller? Or, I could tell you that one of our friends of the store bought 3-4 a week till it was all gone last year. To me that says a lot, if someone loves something that much, I just got to try it.

Milleller are always pushing the envelope, and this beer is no exception. They have nailed a perfect hop bomb on this on. This beer has such a great appearance, I love the way it pours out of the bottle. The color is copper orange, and so opaque that you almost can't see the snow storm of sediment that is waiting to tickle your taste buds. The aroma is almost exclusively of hops, and who can complain about that? The second to best thing about this beer is the amazing taste. How on earth did they manage to get the bitterness from the hops and the sweetness from such a high abv to mix together in harmony? The taste is of grapefruit up front then subtle pine resin, and maybe a little anise. Oh yea and hops…ha ha. But, now to the best thing. The lacing on the glass is brilliant. I usually don't pay attention to this; in fact I usually ask myself when reading reviews just why others care so much. I drank part of this beer, than left to run a quick errand for my wife. When I came back, eager to finish my beer, I was amazed to see the foam was still stuck to the side of the glass.

Final note: This beer is truly a must have, and a seasonal. I know that I may be a little pricey for the size, but once you drink it you will know that it is worth it. So come buy and pick one up, before they are all gone. We will be doing beer tasting from 5-8 tonight, so that will be the perfect time to drop in.

Cody DeHart

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Cantillion Kriek

100% Lambic

BeerAdvocate score = A-

RateBeer score = 98

Kriek? What can I say about cherry alcohol? Medicinal? Ah ha, Not this lambic though. I have had a couple other Kriek Lambics before and did not care for them. Cantillion Is the king of sour funk and that goes along ways. This beer is amazingly well made. Think of a sour warhead version of a maraschino cherry. It pours with a Dark ruby color, and very little carbonation. That is where normal ends. Then next thing you notice is the amazingly sour smell. I am pretty sure my sinuses clenched up. Then you take a drink and … Well that is where description fails me. If I were to try to describe the flavor, I would end up with a page full of onomatopoeias. One person online said it was buttpuckery and he was correct, the initial sour bite had me off-guard. My next reaction was to drink more. Why is it we torturer ourselves so much. But then the sour kick to the face starts to mellow I realized that there are flavors in there. A very balanced cherry flavor that is followed by a subtle smoke and vanilla form the barrel aging.

Final note: This beer is very close to being the sourest thing I have ever put into my mouth. I love it! it just kicks you in the face and asks if you want more. I do, I really do. Show me your pucker face…

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Almost as good as a jelly donut

Crème Brûlée Stout

By Southern Tier

BeerAdvocate = B+

RateBeer = 98

First - Smell that amazing vanilla aroma, then crack through the Sweet Boozy crust with your spoon, and pull half of it off. Sit this aside for later.

Second - Crush the rest of the crust up and mix in with the Vanilla, Butterscotch, and Carmel Coffee flavored middle.

Third – Enjoy bite after bite, looking for the hidden Hop flavor that sneaks in the back door.

Last – Enjoy the rest of that Boozy crust and lust after the dark chocolate flavor it leaves on the back of your tongue.

The summer seasonal of the Blackwater Series is here and better than ever. Southern Tier Crem Brulee Imperial Milk Stout is in stock, just look for the cow.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Avery

Avery Anniversary Ale - Eighteen
(Dry Hopped Rye Saison)

BeerAdvocate = B
Rate Beer = 85

I was first given this beer at the end of the night and had already shared a huge malty beer with a couple friends. I was not really in the mood for the malty beer that we had, and was more than ready to switch to a beer with some hops. I had not heard of this “Dry Hopped Rye Saison” and to be honest I did not even read the label. I did notice that it was Avery (kind of hard not to with the foil top and all), and was in the mood for anything. My first drink was a shock, wow – “this is a saison” I said. The next thing I noticed was the nice hop note that kicked in and followed by the rich character that the rye imparted.

I have had this beer a couple more times and can say, that in a nice glass, it has the best rye smell with a little of that un-baked bread tang. It has that typical saison color, hard to see through and a little amber. It also has the standard saison floral, banana citrus, and did I mention floral flavors. So, why not just buy the saison then? Because, this the standard saison doesn’t compare to this well balanced beer. Avery Eighteen almost lands a perfect 10, with the combination of hops, malt, and carbonation. Oh yea and the other thing, you can only get it once. Avery says that they will not be brewing this again.

Final note: Avery Anniversary Eighteen Dry hopped Rye Saison Ale…that is a long name. But there is something special about turning 18 and there is something special about this beer. I suggest you come in and buy this beer, then take it home and put it in the fridge and forget about it. Then when you remember to drink “that Avery beer”, I hope you will be a surprised and pleased as I was.

Cody DeHart