Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Cantillion Kriek

100% Lambic

BeerAdvocate score = A-

RateBeer score = 98

Kriek? What can I say about cherry alcohol? Medicinal? Ah ha, Not this lambic though. I have had a couple other Kriek Lambics before and did not care for them. Cantillion Is the king of sour funk and that goes along ways. This beer is amazingly well made. Think of a sour warhead version of a maraschino cherry. It pours with a Dark ruby color, and very little carbonation. That is where normal ends. Then next thing you notice is the amazingly sour smell. I am pretty sure my sinuses clenched up. Then you take a drink and … Well that is where description fails me. If I were to try to describe the flavor, I would end up with a page full of onomatopoeias. One person online said it was buttpuckery and he was correct, the initial sour bite had me off-guard. My next reaction was to drink more. Why is it we torturer ourselves so much. But then the sour kick to the face starts to mellow I realized that there are flavors in there. A very balanced cherry flavor that is followed by a subtle smoke and vanilla form the barrel aging.

Final note: This beer is very close to being the sourest thing I have ever put into my mouth. I love it! it just kicks you in the face and asks if you want more. I do, I really do. Show me your pucker face…

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